Kicking Horse Party Rentals - Helping make your vision a reality
Prices are based on a one day rental, up to 42 hours. For longer rentals we will be glad to offer special rates. Rentals are made on a first come first serve basis. To confirm your rental, book well in advance.
Confirmation requires a credit card number to act as damage deposit. Payment in full is due 10 days before your rental date, 30 days before a tent rental. Changes to rental numbers of up to 15% are allowed up to 30 days before your rental. Payment by cash, check or PayPal.
Delivery and Pick up Policy:
Delivery & pick up services are available within town limits at a reasonable rate. For out of town deliveries and pick ups, please ask about rates and mileage charges. Orders are delivered in containers to ground level. If articles need to be carried up stairs, additional charges will apply on an individual basis. Delivery will be made between 9am and 4pm. After hour deliveries and pick ups can be arranged at extra cost.
Upon delivery please ensure your order is complete. Linens are packed in containers, it is impossible for us to ensure your linens arrive wrinkle free. If you require a steamer or an iron , please enquire with us. All products are packed ready for use.
Upon returning your rental, or preparing them for pick up please ensure that all dishes and cutlery are rinsed food free and packed properly in the manner they were received.
Dishes returned with food on them are subject to another days rental charge. Ensure that your order is neatly stacked in one spot. Linens do not need to be returned washed, they should be placed back in the totes and or bags provided.
All linens returned with mildew, mold, burns or candle wax on them are subject to replacement cost.
All broken or missing rentals are subject to replacement cost, usually double the rental price. Current replacement costs are posted on our website. All rental items are the responsibility of you, the renter and are subject to replacement cost. This includes totes, boxes, packing material, bags and crates.
Set Up Policies:
Set up services are available. If you have requested set up services, please ensure that tables and chairs are ready for us at the agreed upon time. If we arrive for set up or pick up and you are not ready for us, you will be charged $50 per hour (or any part of) for wait time.
Cancellation Policy: 
If you need to cancel your rental, 15 days notice is required and 30 days notice for a tent rental. After this time, your rental is non-refundable.
You will be required to provide a valid credit card number and the address associated with that card to act as a security deposit for lost or damaged items.
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